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Hans Koolhaas

Thanks to Aris' vision system, we can sort our potted plants better and produce them more efficiently and sustainably than before.

Hans Koolhaas
CEO LKP Plants, Moerkapelle, Nl
Steef de Lange

It was hard to believe, that Aris was able to do the installation of two vision systems at final sorting of our pot roses, in two days. On top of that everything was working as we expected. Well done!

Steef de Lange
Owner, Nolina Kwekerijen, Woubrugge, Nl

Why Aris?

Aris has extensive experience in (greenhouse) horticulture and meat processing. Our camera systems are operational worldwide in greenhouses, research laboratories and in food factories. Where scientific partners often cannot provide the total system, Aris can. We are able to offer integrated solutions, with all associated Experiment Management software, mechanics and total logistics handling, including service and support.

Since the end of the 1980s, Aris has been producing machine & robotics camera systems for highly accurate, fast and reliable control and handling of agri-food products such as orchids (Phalaenopsis), pot roses, seedlings, maize, tomatoes, mushrooms, popcorn, chicks, meat and more. Together with the customer, we look for suitable solutions and applications for an efficient production process.


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