Aris has various vision solutions for food crop research for plant breeders. Depending on your goals, wishes and requirements, we determine which digital phenotyping system is suitable for you. You obtain a wealth of data for the development of new, better and stronger crop types and varieties.

What food crop research do you need?

For whom are our vision solutions suitable?

Aris' camera systems can be used for the accurate grading, sorting and handling of natural products from ornamental growers, vegetable & fruit growers, tree growers and meat processors.

Aris uses the newest vision techniques to provide the best possible solution to your grading process. We know that no product is the same when dealing with natural products. Machine learning, deep learning, multi-spectral or hyper-spectral techniques, Aris is able to apply all recent technology as long as it solves your problem!

Breeders, researchers from universities and growers of new plant & flower and tree species use our systems for plant research and breeding. They enhance crops to grow stronger or nicer varieties. In phenotyping, cameras can measure a rich set of plant features that relate to desired traits.

In addition, we develop and deliver vision systems for automation & robotics companies and machine builders in agri-food, with whom we work closely.


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