Grading Kalanchoe at spacing and final sorting

Recently Aris enhanced their vision systems at Slijkerman Kalanchoë. Aris grades Kalanchoës of two different ages, once after spacing and once at final sorting.

Grading at spacing: After a few weeks in the greenhouse, plants have grown a lot and need to be spaced on the containers. Part of the spacing procudere is grading them into two classes and putting them with more space between the plants on new containers, one with small plants and one with big plants.

Grading at final sorting: When the plants are ready to be sold, they are graded and sorted a final time. The Aris Vision System grades a lot of plant parameters like height, volume, diameter, amount of flowers, amount of buds and color of the flowers. Based on these parameters they are buffered in several lanes, before being packed and sended to the customer. 
Especially color distinction for colors that are very similar is now going perfectly.

See how these processes work in this video.

Aris Vision System for grading Kalanchoe

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