Sorting Begonium cuttings with Deep Learning

Recently Aris enhanced their vision system inside the Flier Systems sorting machine for Koppe Begonia at their propagation location at Aalsmeer, the Netherlands.

While it is fairly straightforward to sort Begonia cuttings on height and leaf area (at least for Aris!), some varieties require sorting on the shoot size. Detecting the shoot size is challenging and until now, only possible by humans.

In the past this could only be achieved by hand, with skilled people to grade by shoot size.

After training the vision system with a lot of examples, the vision system can now perform this job equally well, or better!

The result is an increased sorting quality that enabled the customer to get a higher price for the first quality selection.

See how André Vreugendenhil from Koppe Begonia, endorses our solution in this video.

Grading Begonia cuttings with shoot height and size

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