"All the plants in front of the window once did an audition on the 'green catwalk'"

It takes some getting used to cameras in greenhouses... Also for the plant grower. Where plants were previously sorted ‘with the naked eye’ by height, color and volume, cameras have taken over that work. A grower of nowadays even has several machine operators.

Aris from Eindhoven links technological development to the strong agri-food sector in our province. "We make camera systems and software with which we can follow the development of natural products such as plants, vegetables, corn, but also meat," says Sven Rusch of Aris. The company now has around 500 customers worldwide.

Read the article about grading and sorting houseplants in the greenhouse.Lees hier het artikel over het beoordelen en sorteren van kamerplanten in de kas. (Dutch)

And view the report from Omroep Brabant in the greenhouse of grower LKP in the Westland.En bekijk hier de reportage van Omroep Brabant in de plantenkas van kweker LKP in het Westland. (Dutch)

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