Aris and Botany launch "Cirillo"

Botany and Aris are proud to introduce a new product to their customers. Cirillo: digital insect detection system for detection and counting of two white fly species (Bemisia tabaci and Trialeurodes vaporariorum), thrips and two spotted spider mites. The system is able to accurately identify the different stage of the pests, thus enabling modeling of population development on crops.

The Cirillo-system can be applied on leaves of cucumber, tomato, rose, strawberry, chrysanthemum and gerbera. Together, Aris and Botany developed this new high throughput system that is based on vision technology and deep learning. Aris’ unique knowledge of vision based phenotyping equipment and Botany’s unique knowledge of plants pests provide the essential input for deep learning and the development of the algorithms that detect the insects.

More information on Cirillo can be found here

Digital pest detection for resistance and crop protection research

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