Aris Topview Phenotyping System

Why does one plant grow better under certain conditions than the other? And why is a breed resistant to disease in one area and not in another? In order to get an answer to such questions, thorough plant research is needed.

This moveable camera system from Aris will help you perform various imaging tasks to systematically and accurately generate scientific data. The system provides stable and reproducible conditions to measure observable features of plants, vegetables, or fruits—the essence of digital phenotyping.

Aris Topview Phenotyping System

What can be measured?

Features such as size (biomass), color, leaf area, and local defects can be measured quickly and accurately in the cabinet. This will help you collect data about e.g. plant development, various stress conditions, vigor, or crop damage. Using a grid, you can measure multiple plants simultaneously, which makes this system very suitable for germination tests in trays.

How do we measure?

The camera takes multi-spectral images: from deep blue to infrared. Because of this broad spectrum, features and components are made visible that you may not see with the naked eye. For example, ripeness, subcutaneous bruises, leaf infections, rot and even plant roots and plant sprouts.

In addition, you can perform fluorescence measurements with the built-in filter wheel. For example, chlorophyll fluorescence is used to automatically separate all plant parts from the background.

With the optional Mira software you can perform interactive multispectral analysis.

What are the applications?

Applications Aris TopView Phenotyping System:

  1. Digital Phenotyping
  2. Research in pathogen detection
  3. Seed germination
  4. Leaf area measurement
  5. Growth tracking
  6. NDVI or other plant indexes

What are the characteristics?

Features of the Aris TopView Phenotyping System:

  1. Automatic plant / background separation (segmentation)
  2. Reproducible, accurate measurements
  3. Multispectral imaging, with a maximum of 8 different wavelengths
  4. Chlorophyll fluorescence measurement (static)
  5. Analysis software; measures more than 20 parameters, NDVI
  6. Analysis can be expanded with plug-ins
  7. Multiple measurements in rectangular grid, very suitable for plants / seedlings in trays
  8. High resolution, 12 Megapixel, avoids optical zoom
  9. Images saved in full quality (PNG), to enable custom post-processing
  10. Analysis results stored in CSV text files

What are the specifications?

Technical specifications Aris TopView Phenotyping System:

  1. Maximum Field of View 600mm x 450mm (24” x 16”)
  2. Maximum Height of plants/objects 500mm (20”)
  3. New, Resolution 4024 x 3036
  4. New, Electrically focusable lens for adjusting to different object heights
  5. Wavelengths 450, 520, 590, 625, 660, 730, 870 nm and white led
  6. Filter wheel with 2 positions for 50mm (2”) custom filters
  7. Size 1650mm x 730mm x 650mm (5.41’ x 2.4’ x 2.13’)
  8. Comes with keyboard, mouse, monitor
  9. 100-240V, 300VA
  10. Optional PerClass Mira bundle for multispectral analysis

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