Aris accelerates insect counting on plant leaves

Botany, a company specialized in applied plant research and Aris have joined forces to develop an automated insect counting system, the "Cirillo". This system replaces manual counting on leaf samples through microscopes. The digital system counts eggs, larvae and adults more accurate and faster. The instrument plays an important part in testing the effectiveness of crop protection products.

Towards sustainable crop protection

As chemicals are being reduced and replaced by biological protection products, the required number of tests increases. Part of the test is counting the insects at different stages on the bottom of plant leaves. This development reduces time and effort and provides objective data. This will facilitate the transition to more sustainable crop protection products.

Uniform testing

The level of infestation, the number of insects per area of crop,  was always determined by the human eye. Requiring tedious inspection through microscopes.  The disadvantage is that the outcome is highly dependent on the specialists who actually perform the counting. These people are hard to find.In the global world it helps if testing methods are the same wherever you are.


‘Deep learning’

Aris applies Deep Learning, a form of Artificial Intelligence. In this application Aris has provided the instrument and the deep learning framework. Botany transferred their specialist knowledge to the deep learning networks that enables the instrument to recognize and count the insects, at all it's stages from egg to fly. In this way Botany accelerates and improves their services on crop protection testing.

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Aris vision System - Counting pest insects

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