Day-old chicks

The SmartCount Chick Counter from Pas Reform with an Aris vision system sees, counts and analyzes day-old chicks very accurately and at high speed in an animal-friendly way. This chicken counter is equipped with our latest, smart vision camera technology and counts and grades based on your specific wishes and requirements.

What can be measured?

Our camera system counts the number of chicks in an animal-friendly way. At the same time, it collects information about the size, color and any deviations.

Customized measuring

Each vision system is customized and tailored to your specific wishes and requirements. In advance, the measurement characteristics of the chicks are programmed in the software.

What's the grading capacity?

Aris has experience with fast processes. The SmartCount, our vision system for animal-friendly counting of day-old chicks, achieves a speed of 75,000 chicks per hour.

What's the grading accuracy?

The SmartCount counts with an accuracy of 998 out of 1,000 chicks, based on 10 consecutive crates with 100 chicks each.

How do we measure?

In order to obtain optimal counting and grading and therefore a high reliability of the measurement results, a detailed assessment is made of what you want to have examined. Depending on this, we choose the most suitable camera technology (RGB, multispectral, hyperspectral, 3D).

Service & support

We provide customized solutions for every customer, but that’s just the start. After the system has been developed, delivered and installed, we provide service and support both remote and on site. And when your needs change, Aris is there to help you adapt or update the system.

Service & support


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