Potted plants

Aris has various vision solutions for grading and sorting potted plants. Plants such as Orchids, Bromeliad, Kalanchoe, Anthurium, Calathea etc. can be easily, reliably and quickly evaluated, graded and sorted, based on your specific requirements.

When is grading applied?

We have basic grading systems for sorting, typically in up to four classes. This is used to obtain uniform production.

When the product is ready, we have grading systems for final sorting. These more advanced systems can measure each feature that attributes to the plant’s ornamental value.

What can be measured?

Our camera system grades potted plants by height, width, volume, symmetry, density, number of buds, number of flowers, flower color, flower scattering, number of branches, stem thickness etc.

The system also detects shape deviations (length of branches, corner branches, flower position) of the potted plant. The cameras view the plant from the top and/or from the side. The vision system can also measure the color or leaf discoloration of the flower.

Customized measuring

Each vision system is customized and tailored to your specific wishes and requirements. In advance, the measurement characteristics of the plant are programmed in the software.

What’s the grading capacity?

The sorting capacity of the camera system is determined by the size of the potted plant, the number of properties to be evaluated and the desired accuracy. The typical capacity of this camera system is between 1,000 and 9,000 plants per hour. In almost all cases, the capacity is limited by mechanical handling of the plant and is not limited by the camera system capacity.

How do we measure?

In order to obtain optimal grading of your product based on the features you find important, Aris will determine the best setup for the camera system. This might involve plant rotation, camera’s from the side or top and the use of various illumination techniques. With our extensive experience you can rely on a proper solution.

How about data?

In addition to its direct grading function, Aris camera systems provide a rich set of data that can be used to get insight in your production process. Many systems are connected to greenhouse management systems.


Service & support

We provide customized solutions for every customer, but that’s just the start. After the system has been developed, delivered and installed, we provide service and support both remote and on site. And when your needs change, Aris is there to help you adapt or update the system.

Service & support


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