Accurate measuring and identifying the desired properties of ornamental plants (under the influence of their environment) was previously done with the naked eye. Nowadays, this research is largely done by cameras: digital phenotyping.

Aris has various vision solutions to help research for new, better houseplant species and houseplant varieties, derived from our extensive experience in plant grading systems. Depending on the purpose of your research, we measure and identify the desired characteristics and environmental influences of the potted plant with our camera’s.

What can be measured?

Phenotyping ornamental plants will generally have to do with grading properties that determine the ornamental value. Form (symmetry) and color are very important here.

Measure shape and color characteristics

An RGB camera is very suitable for measuring the shape and color characteristics of the orchid. By means of smart lighting and a special multi-spectral camera combination, in which we use 'chlorophyll fluorescence' images, we can automatically separate plant and background, independent of the color of the plant.

What’s the phenotyping capacity?

The phenotyping capacity of the camera system is determined by the size of the plant, the number of properties to be evaluated and the desired accuracy.

Because Aris has a lot of experience in production systems in nurseries, we are used to achieving high throughput speeds. This means that we can speak of 'high throughput phenotyping'. Consider speeds of up to 20,000 products per hour for small plants and up to 300 plants per hour for large (pot) plants.

Why Aris Vision System?

In addition to our state of the art vision systems, Aris works together with other parties in greenhouse technology to provide a total solution, including e.g. Experiment Management Software.

We are happy to provide references from (agri-food) companies that have chosen us. Please contact Aris for this.

Service & support

We provide customized solutions for every customer, but that’s just the start. After the system has been developed, delivered and installed, we provide service and support both remote and on site. And when your needs change, Aris is there to help you adapt or update the system.

Service & support


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